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There is nothing quite like a landscape filled with trees. Whether you are a new property owner with a front yard full of seedlings or a lifelong resident with lots of mature trees all over the landscape, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature every time you look outside your window.

As a resident of Pinellas and Hillsborough County areas including Clearwater, St. Pete, Largo, Tampa, Brandon, Valrico, and Plant City, you take great pride in your home and your landscape. You know that an attractive yard adds to your curb appeal, and you want your home to be the envy of your neighbors. That is why you have carefully planted a variety of trees in your yard, and it is why you care for those trees so carefully.

Expert Tree Trimming

If you have done your tree care job right, your landscape will be healthy and alive. Over time, those beautiful trees may start to grow too tall, and their branches may begin to overhang your home.

When that happens, just give Flawless Arborist a call. We can provide the expert tree trimming services you need to keep your home safe and your landscape protected. Our licensed arborists are true tree experts, so you can rely on us to do the job right the first time.

Protect the Power Lines

There are practical reasons to trim your trees on a regular basis, including the protection of power lines. If left to grow unchecked, the upper branches of your trees could interfere with the power lines, leaving them vulnerable in bad weather and causing serious damage.

If your trees are encroaching on the power lines, it is time to give Flawless Arborist a call. We can safely remove those overhanging branches without damaging the rest of the tree, so you can rest easy and know your property, and the power lines that bring electricity to your Pinellas or Hillsborough County home, are protected.

Safeguard Your Home

Allowing your trees to become overgrown is bad for your landscape, and it could be dangerous to your home. Having branches hanging over your roof is an obvious risk, especially during those sudden summer storms.

As a resident of Pinellas or Hillsborough County, you know about the storms that overspread the area on a regular basis. Just one of those storms could cause those overgrown branches to crash into your home, causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. By having your trees trimmed on a regular basis, you can reduce the risk and avoid that damage.

If your trees are overgrown, you need to take action right away. You cannot afford to wait for a sudden storm to bring those overgrown branches down on your home, or for an encroachment to knock down the overhead power lines. Just give Flawless Arborist a call today to schedule the tree trimming service you need to protect your home and property.